About us

About us

Who we are

D-Hydro is a Finnish company developing and manufacturing high quality hose assembly machines. Our swaging, cutting, and skiving machines are the result of decades of experience in the field of hydraulic system application. The YL series completes our product line – serial production, side feed and nut crimping. Hence, we can offer to our clients the full range of products in only one place!

Safe and easy to use, our machines allow reliable and accurate results in a minimum of time. When developing new products our philosophy is: the best quality for the best price.

Our hose assembly machines have been developed to meet requirements in different type of industries, such as, forestry, agriculture, construction, heavy machinery, automotive, electric power, mining, marine – where ever hydraulics is needed our products can be used.

Operating in Joensuu factory, our team of experts is able to offer you the best possible service. Our aim is to strengthen relationships with our clients by providing superior sales support and improved customer service. We keep our promises. That’s our commitment to you!